WTF: Men’s Thigh High Boots?!

I died when I first saw these. The Men’s Thigh High Flats by Jamin Leather is a hot mess.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse:

I’m sure we all feel a little disturbed by this. If you don’t (and you’re a man) feel free to buy them for your male review debut here.

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11 thoughts on “WTF: Men’s Thigh High Boots?!

  1. first of all let me say that i'm straight!!!i think that these are really ugly, though i think that over-the-knee boots for men should be a hot trend and me personally i would wear them! i don't see any reason why a pair of boots like e.g. the Stuart Weitzman flat ones wouldn't be nice with a jacket and a pair of jeans on a guy.. fashion is nice cause you can invent out of nothing, and remember that thigh boots were made for men during the renaissance!so, why not to bring them again back for men? :)

  2. I have a pair of these. I agree with Giulioh, why can't men wear OTK boots? Every shoe style women wear men have worn at one time. Men wore heels in the 15 and 16th century to keep their foot in the stirrup on horses. Men wore boots from the 14th thru the 19th centuries, outside their pants and anywhere from knee high to thigh high. Men also wore gladiator sandals hence the name gladiator. But once a wmen wears any style of shoe its forever labeled a feminie look. With exception to converse shoes though knee high converse is a feminine style apparently. I want to wear what i want and not be labeled gay because i wear boots or gladiator sandals

  3. I am a man who wears over the knee and knee high (20″) leather boots in my daily life. I have 10 pairs of tall boots and just two pairs of shoes.
    They make me feel great and you simply look great when you feel great! :) I think tall boots for men is an adorable fashion.

  4. I’m in the SCA, if you don’t know what it is, look it up. I’m also Scottish and my ancestors were Border Reivers, rode horses, stole cattle. I can’t provide you with a pic of me in garb but I wear my thigh high boots with pride. Now, if you want to make fun of me, may I suggest you stand in front of me and say it, then be prepared to back up those words with a sword. You may want to consider a quick apology before I cleave off one of your arms with my basket hilted broad sword. Fom the pic you put on here, a couple of whimps like you are not good enough to shine my boots

  5. I wear boots up to the knees and beyond up to my ass. I am straight and has no gay influence to my preference of the type of boot I wear. I have nothing against gays. Remember Tall boots were worn by real men back in older centuries. What pisses me off is how todays society has eliminated the tall boot for men in our general stores common clothing catalogs etc…Just think of the money that could be made marketing tall boots for men in the work field as well as dress.

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